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Virtual & Augmented
Reality in Middle
Age 11 to 14 years

Developing essential life skills

VR in Education for Ages 11 to 14 years

At this age range, educational strategies should provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge, learn new skills, develop existing ones, and promote a love of learning. Using VR in education can allow students to grow and develop into well-rounded people who have great emotional intelligence, excellent creative thinking skills and have a secure foundation of knowledge. Here are just some of the examples of how ClassVR can be used in the classroom:

Emotional Intelligence

Struggling with test anxiety is something that many students face every day. As a teacher, it is important to provide tools and coping strategies that students can apply to a test situation or use in everyday life.

VR use case:
Using ClassVR, students can be transported away from the classroom and into calming places like sandy beaches or snow-covered mountains to help tune out anxieties and refocus their attention. These experiences help build student emotional intelligence skills to allow them to imagine their happy place in the future.

READING INTERVENTION: Happy Places (Student Age 11-14)

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Creative Technologies

Understanding the entire design and technology process, from research and planning through to product launch, it’s a vital process for students to learn which helps them build problem solving, creative and design skills.

VR use case:
Using software like TinkerCAD alongside ClassVR allows student to develop 3D models, review them in VR and edit as appropriate to develop a product. From initial thoughts through to final product, these modern technologies help students confidently analyse, assess and build designs.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY CASE STUDY: Print 3D Spinning Tops (Age 10-12)

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Inclusive Teaching

Pre-learning and pre-exposure to a topic can help students develop curiosity, interest and introduce key vocabulary before they start to learn the new material.

VR use case:
Using ClassVR as a pre-learning tool provides students with VR content to help them understand what to expect and a solid foundation for deeper learning. The immersive content is designed to be engaging and trigger initial thought processes around the topic which can be used in whole class discussions. 

GEOGRAPHY & SCIENCE VR CASE STUDY: Ocean: Coral Reefs (Age 11+)

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1000s of Curriculum-Aligned VR & AR Resources for Middle & Secondary Schools

ClassVR comes complete with thousands of VR & AR resources, lesson plans and ready-made worksheets that can be easily integrated into your existing lessons to enhance learning.

  • Covers a multitude of subject covered in the curriculum
  • Includes 360 images, videos, 3D models and explorable scenes

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